On April 17, 2020, Governor Reynolds announced that all Iowa school building shall be closed for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19.

Smart Lunch

Kennedy High School is the only school in the metro area that offers students the opportunity to make the most of their day with SMART Lunch. This privilege is extended to help students expand their learning, catch up on incomplete learning targets, and participate more fully in the school community. But what is SMART Lunch and what does it mean for you?

SMART stands for Students Maximizing Achievement, Relationships, and Time. The concept is simple: give students time each day to get extra help in their classes, extend their learning, participate in clubs and projects, study, workout, and of course, eat lunch! Here is how it works:

* SMART Lunch will run for 60 minutes a day with a five minute passing period in the middle.

* During this time, students will eat lunch on their schedule. They can eat in the cafeteria, on the patio, and in some classrooms. Seniors can eat in the foyer during A Tutorial.

* Teachers will offer 30-minute tutorial sessions during SMART Lunch. Students are expected to attend a minimum of four per term, but are encouraged to attend as often as they need to get help or want to better meet a learning target.

* Clubs and other academic and arts activities will meet during this time.

* Intramural sports will be offered in the gym. Students must have no Ds or Fs to participate in intramurals.

* Quiet study will be available in the IMC, computers will be available as well.

SMART Lunch provides you with amazing opportunities to expand your learning, engage in new activities, and improve your grades. But with these opportunities come responsibilities: Students will be held accountable for utilizing this time in a beneficial way.

We are excited about SMART Lunch….it may just change the way you do high school!