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This year the Kennedy H.S PTSA $400 Scholarship Applications are due by April 6, 2018.

The Essay Topic for the scholarship is: 

"Describe the most important lesson that you have learned in high school."

This scholarship is open to all student who meet the following requirements: 
  • The student, parent, or guardian is a member of the PTSA or has donated to the 
    Invest In Your Child Program by March 30, 2018 for this school year.
  • The senior plans to pursue education beyond high school.
  • The senior must be in good standing with Kennedy High School.
APPLICATION in .doc format

If you have any questions contact Lawrence Wenclawski at

Please include your phone number in the email. 

The first meeting will be September 19th at 6:30.
The other meetings are:
November 14th at 12:00
February 6th at 6:30
May 15th at 12:00

Please support the Kennedy PTSA.  The PTSA is committed to supporting the academic programs at Kennedy. It is important that Kennedy maintains a strong PTSA committed to our students’ education.  You can support Kennedy PTSA is several ways.  You can join the PTSA.  You can donate to the PTSA's Invest in Your Child Program. You can attend a PTSA meeting.  All support is needed and is important!
You can join the Kennedy PTSA and/or donate to the Invest in Your Child Program at any time throughout the school year.


Membership form to print 


Kennedy PTSA Board:


President:  Janel McGovern


Vice President: Lawrence Wenclawski


Treasurer/Secretary: Mike Moran



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