Vocal Music Sponsors

The Kennedy Choral League (KCL) would like to thank all our community sponsors for their financial and material support of our vocal music programs.  These contributions make it possible for the KCL to subsidize student participation fees and music training  allowing any student who wishes to participate, learn and grow in any of the music programs Kennedy offers.  Our programs teach team work, perseverance, leadership, appreciation for the arts and helps  students develop the confidence to get up and perform and speak in front of others in a variety of situations. 

We encourage you, whenever possible, to support Kennedy's Vocal Music program which is continually investing in the future of students everyday! 

If you would like to sponsor or advertise in our music programs, please contact Trish or Jerrad Swestka at trish.swestka@gmail.com or jerradswestka@hotmail.com.