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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Core Choirs

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Kennedy Core Groups:

Three non-select sections of choirs for entry and middle level students provide opportunities to improve pitch, rhythm, and listening skills, to perform a varied repertoire of literature suitable for their stage of vocal development, and to learn the basics of healthy vocal production. The 90-voice Women's Kennedy Singers and 40-voice Men's Kennedy Singers, designed to intro- duce our newest students to the joys of choral singing, perform gender specific and mixed literature throughout the year. The 60-voice Kennedy Chorale provides our intermediate students with an opportunity to hone their skills before entering Kennedy's top ensembles. These groups also compete at State Large Group contest in the spring. During 3rd term, high achieving freshmen singers form the 9th Grade Select Chorus, performing advanced literature at concerts and competitions throughout the spring.

The Kennedy program includes eight additional auditioned choral ensembles. The 24-voice Chamber Choir is our most select group. The Chamber Choir performs collegiate level literature and competes around the country. The Chamber Choir has won Grand Champion honors at the Jefferson Concert Choir Invitational in 2002 and 2003, and in 2004 won Grand Champion honors at the FAME Concert Choir America competition in New York City. Last spring the group received Best In Center honors at the Iowa State Solo/Small Group Contest. The 80-voice Concert Choir is the core ensemble at Kennedy High School. This group performs regularly throughout the Kennedy community and tours every other year. The group consistently receives Division I ratings at State Contest, and last spring was the 1st Runner-Up at the FAME Concert Choir America competition in New York City. The men and women in Concert Choir divide to form the Select Men's Choir and Select Women's Choir, which perform in concerts and compete at State Large Group Contest.

Kennedy's jazz choir, Moonlight Express, rounds out our curricular choir offerings. Moonlight Express has earned numerous outstanding ratings at State Jazz Choir Contest and other private contests throughout the midwest. Our department also teaches the AP Music Theory class, designed to give high achieving music students a taste of college music courses.