PBW Submission Rules

Submissions to the Plain Brown Wrapper
We are now accepting submissions to Kennedy’s literary magazine, The Plain Brown Wrapper. Any student or staff member of Kennedy may submit original poetry, prose, artwork, or music for consideration.  Identification is removed from submissions so that an unbiased evaluation can be made based on literary and artistic merits.  Once items are chosen for publication, the names are reattached.  While any number of submissions may be made, publication is limited to three pieces of any genre per artist, six total.  If more have been chosen, the artist is consulted and they may select which pieces are to be published.

How Do I Make A Submission?
Submission boxes have been placed in each Language Arts room, in the IMC, and in the Art and Music rooms.  Green submission forms should be near each box.  We ask that a green form is filled out and attached to each submission.  We need the artist’s signature (implied permission) in order to publish anything. No pseudonyms or pen names will be accepted. We also request that each piece be titled.  The submission boxes are emptied by the PBW staff on a regular basis. Any work submitted in a foreign language must be accompanied by an English translation.  The author may indicate whether or not they want 
the translation included when the piece is published. 
Musical submissions must include both an audio tape and the written score of the piece. We can accept photographs of artwork.  Please keep in mind that the PBW is a black and white publication, so contrast is an important consideration.
Written work may be submitted electronically by placing a copy of the piece in the PBW submission folder on the Student Data drive.  Please name the file with the title of the piece and make sure that the author’s name is included in the submission.  If submitting electronically, please still fill out a green form and place it in a submission box.  The PBW staff will match the green form with the electronic submission.
All work must be original!

How Will I Find Out If My Work Made It In?
Towards the end of the Spring term, letters will be sent to each person making a submission – so that you will know either way whether your piece will be published.

Will I Get My Submission Back?
We cannot return all the written work (so please keep a copy of your work for yourself), 
but all artwork and music tapes will be returned to their owners.

When Is the PBW Sold? 
It is printed at the end of the year so that we can sell it before school, during lunch, and after school when the seniors are still here.

How Much Does It Cost?
$4  - such a deal!