Coach:  Shelby Patterson (

Tryouts will be held Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Students interested in cheerleading for both fall and winter seasons please contact Shelby Patterson.

Tryouts will be held April 23, 2020 for both fall and winter squads.  There is mandatory attendance at the clinics held prior to tryouts.  Information will be sent to middle schools with dates and times.  All tryouts will be held at Kennedy High School.  Fall cheerleading performs at football games.  Winter cheerleading performs at wrestling, boys and girls basketball.

2020-2021 JFK Cheerleading Tryouts UPDATE

              Due to the current conditions and the timing of cheerleading tryouts we will be doing our tryouts virtually through Google Drive for the upcoming school year. Below you will find the directions and expectations for your tryouts. 

              For many of you, your school account is hooked up through Google Drive which will make it very simple for you to upload all your required videos. If you don’t have Google Drive right now, you can download the app for your phone, or sign up for a Google (Gmail) account that will give you access. If for some reason you can not get access to Google Drive but would like to tryout for the team you need to make contact with Coach Shelby BEFORE April 23rd, 2020. 

To begin the process, you MUST fill out the REQUIRED form that is linked here:

              Once you fill out the form, Coach Shelby will send you a link to a Google Drive Folder with your name on it. Inside of this folder will then be 3 more folders titled: Fight Song, Cheer, Motions and Jumps—this is where you will upload your videos for each category. Your name will be followed by a number. You will be the only one who knows that number, this will be used when announcing the cheerleaders who have made the team. All material will be shared with you through a link and YouTube. You will be required to do the JFK Fight Song (music is on YouTube), a cheer, a motion drill, and certain jumps (a toe touch, and jump of your choice). All of these will need to be uploaded into each specific folder for judges to view. Your material will only be seen by myself, and the 2-3 judges who will have access to the folders.  

If for any reason you need help, your drive isn’t working or any other questions PLEASE contact Coach Shelby ASAP- you can email at or you may TEXT your name and question to 319-640-6623.


2020-2021 Virtual Tryouts:

WhenApril 1st- all material that is required will be released on YouTube. The link will be shared with everyone via Google Drive. The JFK Fight Song will also be on YouTube. (You will not receive a folder until your tryout form is filled out completely {posted above})

April 23rdALL material will be due by 10pm. Nothing will be judged until ALL folders have the correct material. No late submissions will be accepted. 

**If you CAN NOT make the virtual tryout work for you, you MUST contact Coach Shelby BEFORE April 23rd. I will work with you and make an alternate plan for you if needed (of course depending on the situation we have at hand then also), we will make it work! If you wait to contact Coach Shelby, you could be risking your spot for a tryout. 

What to submit: 

-          Videos of you completing the following: 

o   JFK Fight Song 

o   Cheer

o   Motion Drill and Jumps (toe touch, and 1 jump of your choice) 

o   You can add tumbling if you have those as well. 

-          All videos must be uploaded in the correct spot. You will officially need 3 videos for a complete tryouts, tumbling is NOT required to make a team. 

-          Appearance in your video: 

o   You must have dark (black) shorts/leggings or pants. 

o   A white blank shirt. (No tank tops)

o   Tennis Shoes

o   Your hair needs to be all pulled up, out of your face. 

o   Absolutely NO JEWELRY is allowed, along with LONG FINGERNAILS (they must be cut short to the tip of your finger) 

o   NO GUM! 

-          Please remember that even though you are in a video your voice should be loud and proud. You should be acting and performing just as if you were in front of the judges.