This year is different. It’s not like last year. It won’t be like next year.

Whatever happens this year, we’ll be sure to capture it.



2020-2021 Yearbooks

Q: Will we have a yearbook this year?

A: Yes!


Q: How do I buy one? 

A: Go to and select Kennedy High School. Or click on this link. $57 is the early bird price, $60 is the regular price. New: Students may purchase personalized books. In addition, families may purchase senior recognition ads. Click here for flyer.


Q: Will there be senior photos?

A: Yes! 


Q: How do I submit?

A: The site is now live! Go to and enter the code 415864034. Please only upload ONE photo. Avoid horizontal photos and keep it appropriate. If you don't have a senior photo, you can upload a picture taken from a phone. Please avoid selfies and make sure to submit it without editing-the yearbook staff will take care of that.


Q: When are senior pictures due?


A: Friday, January 29th (new due date)


Q: Will there be school pictures? 

A: School pictures will be taken in February and March. These pictures will be included in the yearbook.


Q: When is the deadline to order a yearbook? 

A: March 30, 2021, but don't wait!


Q: When will yearbooks be distributed?

A: Fall 2021


Q: I have pictures of activities or clubs I’d like to contribute! How can I share? 

A: Wonderful! We can use your help to get the best coverage! Please send a jpeg of a photo as “actual size” or the largest size allowable to  For best results do not use a zoom and do not edit using filters from your phone. We can do all the editing on our end!


2019-2020 Yearbooks (last year)

Q: I did not pick up my book last year. How can I get it?

A: Please patiently wait until we return to the building next term. Then your student can email Ms Becker at and arrange a time to collect their book. 


Q: What about the insert?

A: It is on it’s way! As soon as it is printed and delivered to the school, We will announce its arrival.