Plain Brown Wrapper


pbwcov The Plain Brown Wrapper is a student written and produced literary magazine that is published once a year at Kennedy High School. Offered as an elective course during Winter and Spring terms, students who want to participate in the content selection and layout of the magazine sign up. Any student or staff member of Kennedy may submit poetry, prose or artwork for consideration. Identification is removed from submissions so that an unbiased evaluation can be made based on literary and artistic merits. Once items are chosen for publication, the names are reattached. While any number of submissions may be made, publication is limited to three pieces of any genre per artist. 


The 2021 issue of the Plain Brown Wrapper is now available.  There is music poetry, prose, and art. Thank you to all the students and Mrs. Smith who worked hard to produce this year's edition.

Click on this link to view: Plain Brown Wrapper