Extracurricular and leadership opportunities are available to everyone at Kennedy. Whether elected as class officer, chosen as a leader of a club or given the responsibility of organizing a project; providing leadership to several classmates or an entire organization makes a difference at our school.

You are welcome to join our student government class, the nationally award-winning journalism program, or a competitive academic team. Our namesake so famously expressed that we should “ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country.” At Kennedy, we ask that you consider how you can give back to your family, your school and your community.

Dozens of clubs and organizations are available for you to join. Special interest clubs like Guitar Club or Video Game Club meet regularly throughout the year. Our world languages have organizations to celebrate the cultures of the countries. We have Bio Science, Chemistry, or Psychology Club as well as service groups such as InterAct and Key Club and Best Buddies. Interested in politics? Start a Young Republican or Young Democrat organization and work on the national campaigns. Or consider evaluating hot issues with the Debate Team.

This is your time to make the most of your time and talents. Are you ready?