Mary Gibney

I am Mary Gibney and a Level 2 Intellectual Disabilities teacher. My classroom philosophy is to provide individualized educational programming to fit the needs of all my students.  This individualized instruction will provide direct instruction in Language arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Students will participate in an every other day Unified Sports class with Mr. Dave Rima.  World of Work and Work Experience classes will help provide school and community work experiences to develop appropriate work habits as well as determine likes and dislikes related to future employment opportunities.

Currently our work experience program allows for students to try out community jobs such as McDonald's, Newbo Market, Sparkling Image Car Wash, Department of Human Services, Lovely Lane Preschool and Theisen's.  Within the school community, students are involved in a school wide recycling program, mailings and generalized cleaning of the display cases and library. 

Other life skill training involves following a recipe for simple meal preparation and community skill training at grocery and convenience stores.