The Kennedy SMART Lunch was implemented during the 2014-2015 school year. The concept is simple: We will combine lunch with an open ‘enrichment’ period  You can learn more about this exciting opportunity by clicking here

Smart Lunch Menu

Smart Lunch Speakers

Poster for Quin Pettifer
Next Wednesday, Febuary 18thQuinn Pettifer of the Cedar Rapids Gazette will be joining us in the Black Box during Tutorial A. She will be speaking about the future of journalism in a New Media era, and highlight some things the Gazette is working on, in the newsroom and beyond. Please mention this opportunity to your students.

Poster for Careers in Social Science
On February 19th there will be a series topic on careers in the Social Sciences. We have Trisha Dean & Renae Koth, Family Counselors at Foundation 2 AND Laura Hyer, Attorney at Bradley & Riley, PC.

On April 1 we will have the final installment of our Cell Biologist Trilogy, with Dr. Masataka Kawai.